Long live the Republic

As a mind boggling conglomeration of diverse people, inhabiting an ancient land of continental dimensions, we are as pompous, and prolific, in celebrating festivals, as we are in devising ways and means of squabbling over issues, mundane as well as well serious- which cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including religion , region , natural … Continue reading Long live the Republic

When Hope perished

It stood out, It stood alone, A blur of white & black, Merged in parched grass. Prickly shrubs in the desert landscape Hungry & thirsty, Searching for leaves & moisture, Green and tender, Which were not there. In previous years, The desert bird, I called Hope, Presaged rains. A desert bird desperate for food and … Continue reading When Hope perished

Papa kehte hain: Life a one-way Street

On a study tour at the high resolution laboratory in Panchmarhi, MP. The tour turned out to be less about study of space physics, and more about the art of cultivating romantic alliances. Life, as ancient seers, new age gurus, revered men and women of wisdom, genuine, as well as feigned, tell us, is an … Continue reading Papa kehte hain: Life a one-way Street

An advice to my buddy, Santa!

Delhi, our beloved ageless whore (borrowing the terminology from one of my favorite authors, the irreverent Khushwant Singh), the ancient city with its vintage extending right up to the dawn of civilization in the greatest of all epics, the Mahabharata, the boisterous saadi Dilli of rocking and large hearted Panjabis, is now in the midst … Continue reading An advice to my buddy, Santa!

What is ‘new’ about the New Year?

Your humble friend clicked by his best half Merry Christmas, friends! In a few days, together, we will celebrate the New Year, In a spirit of bonhomie and camaraderie, Apparently, to usher in something ‘new’...… But often, I wonder, Whether there is something 'new' every year? On whether the Moon, benevolent and fascinating, Will cast … Continue reading What is ‘new’ about the New Year?

A mask and a tale

Like a novice, Surfing in the turbulence of an ocean, Shakily going down one moment, Riding on a wave the next, I too drift, on the tides of time, Encountering a sea of faces, Each face, hidden behind a mask, Concealing a vortex of emotions, Forever shifting, a crazy game of chess, Forever changing, a … Continue reading A mask and a tale

Diwali and the fate of Seven Candles

Like a child, I watch eagerly, As darkness approaches dusk, arms wide open, With love, takes it in her embrace, Even though the Moon is lost for the night, My beloved Dilli, Helpless, at the mercy of poison spewing demons, Sparkles like a bejeweled bride……… In the midst of all this, I settle on the … Continue reading Diwali and the fate of Seven Candles