About the best-selling author of Mandal Diaries and Dilliz Boyz

APS Malhotra is a Delhi Boy, who did a major part of his schooling from Cambridge School, New Delhi. He graduated in Physics (Hons.) from St. Stephen’s College, followed by post-graduation in Physics from Delhi University.

He has written extensively for the Hindu and the Pioneer. His articles have also featured in other leading national dailies, including The Times of India and Indian Express. He is an avid film reviewer and is an award winning poet for Muse India, an online poetry journal of eminence. His articles have been featured in the Chicken Soup of the Soul series. He is also a keen blogger and likes to read, non-fiction being his favorite genre.

He is married to Sonia, and they have one daughter, Mehak, who is a doctor.

Goldmine of wisdom

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.

– Khalil Gibran

“Lest we forget: It is easy to be human, very hard to be humane” 

– Mirza Ghalib

“What you seek is seeking you.”

– Rumi

3 thoughts on “About the best-selling author of Mandal Diaries and Dilliz Boyz

  1. Hopefully our resolves will be renewed, our efforts to help those less fortunate than us will be re -kindled and hopefully we will be kind to nature so that sunshine can reach the mustard and finally our hopes will be new,we hope , so 2021 will be Covid free!


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